About Me!

I’m Karthik and I’m new to this whole blogging thing.

I’m not a licensed psychologist or an ordained guru/minister. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt and understand that what may work for me may not for you. I strongly suspect it will, but don’t hold it against me if it doesn’t!

Having been brought up in a family that moved to Canada when I was just entering my teens, I’ve had the dubious privilege of being raised to thrive within highly specific limits and conditions. “You’ll be fine as long as this-and-this holds true and that-and-that can be counted on” was sort of the unspoken principle that described the subset of religion, tribe, culture and approach to life that was ingrained. Call it my legacy software, if you will.

That stuff just didn’t pan out to my benefit at all upon moving out West and necessitated a rethink. And so, looking at how our minds work and react and impact our physical and emotional experience and how that, in turn, entrenches our minds further, has sort of been my schtick for as long as I can remember. At long last, it feels like I’ve come upon an approach that has yielded some peace and meaning. I feel like I need to share some of my experiences and understanding with the hopes that I can benefit anyone who feels their perspective or approach to life just isn’t working out for them.

I choose an approach of cutting your losses simply because I regard our viewpoints and perceptions as a sort of investment we’ve made over the course of our lives. In the event that stuff doesn’t help and only acts as a detriment, it’s just time to move on. Re-think and re-evaluate.

I often bring up the connection between mind and body because boy, is that shit intertwined! Often, one works purely in the realm of thought for healing or one works to improve upon the physical body. But rarely do the two meet or if they do, there’s a disconnect. I believe strongly that there need not be one.

I will talk about the immigrant experience as it affords a sort of do-over for anyone who undergoes this transformation, for better or for worse. I will talk about a bunch of things, the systems if you will, that dominate our lives. Liberalism, feminism, religion, consumption, morality, well-being and a whole host of stuff that’s enmeshed into our mental software.